Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sky6 Spherical



Mahmut BAYRI said...


I have downloaded the hdr file, thanks for sharing.

I did some test. The extension of image is hdr, but not enough information to use, looks low dynamic image. The white value of around clouds is %100. RGB information is 1 1 1 floating point value = 255 255 255 8 bit value. It must be higher than 1 1 1 to be High Dynamic Range Image. I can see the details on clouds when i drop down exposure value of the image(s).

Test Program: Adobe Photoshop cs3 extended, HDR Shop.

sky2_spherical.hdr has same problem.

Best regards

Mahmut BAYRI

... said...

thanks for comment Mahmut... Actually this images not real hdri images im learning vue and i want to share my stuff thats all. i think this images usefull as background... sure im lookin for improvements but dont have much time to improve my knowledge... i ll keep share my works because reactions good. for real hdri images il buy a new dslr and a panorama kit... thanks again

Anonymous said...

what's the password of the file?

... said...

all passwords: cagataykoroglu

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